Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why A Blog???

Who am I kidding??  I do not have the time for a blog.  I have nothing to say that anybody wants to hear.  I have read lots of blogs and I just don't think I have the "mad skills", as Riley would say, to be a blogger.  Do I really want to put it all out there?  No, I really don't.  I don't want anybody to know how "ick" we really are and that a lot of days the future is unclear and the enemy is beating the crap out of us!

These are questions and conversations I've had with myself off and on.  I don't know why, but it's been a battle that has gone on in me for quite a while.  Feeling like I need to do it, but just not sure why.  I struggled with my motives for doing it.  There was a while that I thought it was required to be "officially" on this path, because it really seems that if you do this kind of thing you must blog.  Maybe it's because I wanted to brag about how cool Brian is and how lucky I am to be married to such a stud...  Nope, I am reminded every night he's home with us that is not the case, as I trip over his massive tennis shoes on my way to bed.     

I've fought the battle and lost.  Over the last week I have felt pulled to the computer.  It has felt so good to be able to put thoughts in writing.  It's akin to pulling the plug out of my head and setting the thoughts free.  Otherwise they just bounce around and I have a hard time moving on.  Just a little bit of my quirkiness.  It's a great way to process.

It's also a good way for our family and friends to keep up with what's going on in our family.  We sometimes face difficult things and this will allow them to know how to pray or why we're hiding, which we do every once in a while.  There are also lots of little family blurbs that I would love to share.  Our kids are goofy and love the idea of showing other people, so I'm sure they'll wiggle their way in here at some point.

If anybody has any questions about Harvest Field feel free to ask.  I will try to answer and hopefully Brian will blog from time to time.  I would love for people to hear his heart. 

It won't always be heavy or deep.  I can't take that anymore than anybody else.  It will be an honest account of things we see, feel, and experience and how they effect us.  No apologies...

If you want to leave comments feel free, but please nothing hateful.  This blog is completely full of our personal thoughts, opinions and feelings, and if you don't agree that's okay.  Just don't get ugly, I have a mean streak...  Totally kidding.  

We welcome anyone that wants to walk this journey with us...


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