Friday, April 15, 2011

My Joy!!

When we walk the valleys it's hard to see the beauty of what is right in front of your face...  I'm thankful for the hugeness (not even sure that's a word) of God and the joy He gives me every day.

Here's a little taste of my Joy...

My Sweet Funny Girls!!!
These three crazy girls are hilarious!  They each have their own flavor of comedy.  They are quirkiest, silliest
girls I have ever known.  God could not have picked a more perfect addition to our girls than Merline.  She is so a combination of Emmie and Molly it's funny.  They're all quite full of themselves...  
Molly, well just look at the picture, she's just Molly!!
Merline LOVES to take pics of herself!
Don't be fooled, she may look sweet, but she will leave you bleeding on the side of the road with her quick wit and sharp tongue!

My Little Boy (who's not so little anymore)

Riley and Coach Dooley
 The joy this kid gets from any form of sports is crazy.  He gets more out of sports than I knew was possible.  He has a crazy amount of stats in his head, and not just about current players.  He soaks it all up.  His first UT football game it poured the rain from the beginning to the end, but Riley wouldn't leave the game until the last player left the field after it was over. 

And as much as he tries to hide it, he seriously loves his sisters.  All 3 of them...

My Brian (I know, GAG, right??)

Daddy and Merline at bedtime
This guy amazes me..  I cannot imagine walking through this life without him.  Honestly, being married to him has not been easy...  He takes chances and is willing to risk it all.  But the beauty is that he risks it all for God.  We have been burned many, many times, but Brian always reminds me that if He leads us to the fire, He will not withdraw His hand.  He stretches me and it hurts beyond hurt and he helps me grow.  He loves all his babies like a madman and is always willing to act a fool to make them laugh.  He puts up with my insanity and does it with grace.  It's impressive since I can be a bit of a handful. : )  He's nowhere near perfect, but he's ours and we count ourselves blessed...

Sweet, Sweet Friends

Carol and her little girl, Islande
Hyppolite and his little girl,  Lightdine
In this world we live in good friends are hard to come by.  I don't mean just friends, I mean the kind of friends that you can count on to love you even when you're at your worst and can't find a good thing to say about anything.  People that, when you're in the pit, are willing to get dirty and stick their hand down and help lift you out.  Sometimes they're even willing to crawl down in the pit with you and sit with you in the mud and muck.  I can't even begin to imagine our lives without these people...

This is for Brian : )

Cannot even imagine what this place would look like with out Jesus...  Most days I can't even work up the energy to suck wind without him.  The truth of His word is how I want to live my life.  I fail most days, but because of His willingness to die, it's okay that I fail.  He picks me back up, pats me on the back, and sets back on the path.  Thankful for His sweet grace. 

The Path
Joy is knowing you're on the path you're supposed to be on.  Joy is knowing that even if the path is hidden by debris sometimes the one that is always holding your hand knows the way...  Trying to enjoy the journey is hard sometimes and looking too far ahead is inevitable, but leaning on our provider, protector will keep us centered and on the path...  Joy is knowing that even when you feel like your all alone, you never really are.

Thank you God for covering us always, and being gentle with us when we fight against you.  May our feet never leave your path...